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Хабаровские живодерки схема.

You define the geometry of a path with the Data property. The next example creates a Polygon with 4 points set to 10, , 60, , , , and , As with a Polygon , the Points property defines the collection of points that make up the boundary.
Хабаровские живодерки схема

The first segment is a cubic Bezier curve that begins at , and ends at , , which is drawn by using the two control points ,25 and , Using PathGeometry may be more readable than populating a Path. Point 50, 50 ; pathFigureCollection1.
Хабаровские живодерки схема

Set the Fill property of the Shape to the Brush you want. A Stroke also requires a Brush that defines its appearance, and should have a non-zero value for StrokeThickness.
Хабаровские живодерки схема

You define the geometry of a path with the Data property. If your intention is to create a rectangle shape around other content, it might be better to use Border because it can have child content and will automatically size around that content, rather than using the fixed dimensions for height and width like Rectangle does.
Хабаровские живодерки схема

A Line ignores any value provided for Fill , because it has no interior space. This example exercises some of the contributing geometry types that can be used as part of a PathGeometry: The most common reason for doing this is because you want to use one or more of the curves and complex shapes that can be defined as Segments values for a PathFigure , for example BezierSegment.
Хабаровские живодерки схема

For example, a Point is part of the event data for touch events, so you can know exactly where in a coordinate space the touch action occurred. Notice that the first and last points are not connected by the Stroke outline as they are in a Polygon.
Хабаровские живодерки схема

The maximum allowed value of RadiusX is the Width divided by two and the maximum allowed value of RadiusY is the Height divided by two. PathFigure and the various elements that can be a segment in PathFigure. Point , ; polyline1.
Хабаровские живодерки схема

But with this versatility comes complexity. You define the geometry of a path with the Data property.
Хабаровские живодерки схема

On the other hand, Path. We set the RadiusX property to 50 and the RadiusY property to 10, which gives the Rectangle rounded corners. A Stroke is defined but not a Fill.
Хабаровские живодерки схема

Add rectangleGeometry1 ; geometryGroup1. Contributors In this article Learn how to draw shapes, such as ellipses, rectangles, polygons, and paths.
Хабаровские живодерки схема

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